FAQ’s & Answers

Thanks so much for visiting my website. To help you plan your wedding, portrait or commercial photography here are a few frequently asked questions – with my answers!

Feel free to get in touch if there is any other information you need about my services.

Where are you based?

I’m based in the Zurich Switzerland. I’m originally from Warsaw Poland and spent most of my life in the U.S. in New York, Arizona and Chicago… as you can see I enjoy traveling internationally. I’m available across Europe and beyond for weddings and elopements.

What’s your availability? Do you ever take last minute bookings?

It’s recommended to contact me as soon as possible if you’re interested in booking my services as a wedding photographer. My wedding bookings are limited each year in order to give my couples the very best service and attention to detail.

We can work together to plan the portrait and commercial photoshoots. If you’re an e-commerce fashion website or event venue it’s great if you can get in touch as early as possible to ensure I can accommodate based on your specific photoshoot date.

I’m always really happy to accommodate last minute bookings – so please do feel free to ask!


How much experience do you have in photography?

I have been a photographer for several years, but recently went professional. I feel it’s important to be 100% confident in the artistry and components of photography mastering composition, light, color, and the subject or story. Mastering these and the equipment of photography before committing to capturing the once in a lifetime moments of a couples wedding is absolutely essential. In 2018 I also got married and I appreciate the relaxed and fun approach my photographer had during my wedding day. This is also my focus on your wedding day. To have fun, laugh, and enjoy the time we spend together during your wedding day couple photo sessions and to also be discrete during the ceremony and other important moments you have for each other.

Understanding your specific wedding styles, the schedule for the day, family traditions, and cultural differences allows me to anticipate moment and to offer advice on how the wedding day could flow in a relaxed way. Handling tricky situations and having a backup plan to keep my couples happy is very important to me.  Clients have expressed in feedback how relaxed they felt with me on their wedding day, since I strive for this every time, it means the world to me to contribute to their happiness on their very special day.

I’m available for the entire wedding day, arriving up to 1 hour before the bride and groom preparations are ready for photo’s to scout the area for fantastic photography locations and not leave until the dance party is well under way. I will take an unlimited number of pictures to ensure I creatively capture all the significant moments of your wedding day. I usually work alone for a wedding under 150 guests, otherwise, I will enlist the help of a trusted second shooter. On occasion, with your permission, I may invite as a mentor a starting photographer to assist with lighting to learn on site and help in capturing even more moments.


After you’ve photographed our wedding, what happens?

After your wedding, I immediately back-up all photo’s in multiple secure locations to protect for retention against loss. I then sort through your photos to select the keepers and professionally edit up to five hundred images, ensuring that all are of the highest standard and ready for high quality print. To make the photo’s available to you I upload these images to your own private online gallery where you will be able to download all the digital images for free and share the entire gallery or your selection of the gallery with friends and family. 


We don’t like the thought of having a lot of posed, formal photos at our wedding. Is this your approach - how do you normally work one-on-one with your couples?

I believe in starting things off with a smile and a light joke to kick things off with a laugh. We’re all on this planet to enjoy every day, I wish to contribute to your day not just with photography but with some fun and a few (or more) laughs along the way. Once that’s there the rest naturally falls into place. I understand you wish to spend time with your guests so I will establish a (light) plan with you before you’re wedding day to devote as much or little time as you wish to balance time with your guests and your personal photoshoots during the day. On your wedding day, we’ll disappear together for a little while – just the three of us or also with some help from a brides maid if you wish. It’s important you have time to yourselves without an audience where you can get lost in the moment, take it slow, relax, and enjoy time with each other during a personal photoshoot experience.

Regarding the activities of your wedding day, I like to document weddings in the most discreet and unobtrusive way. I will work from a pre-defined list of important activities that will take place on your wedding day so I can ensure I’m in the right place at the right time to capture all your guests and important candid moments.


Do you shoot group photos at weddings?

Yes, if requested! We agree on a list in advance, which will detail all the set shots required. Your list will include the names of your guests required for each group shot. On your wedding day, I work with the list, setting up the set shots required, with the help of one family member who kindly ensures that guests are ready to be photographed.

Again, there is an element of light direction in my approach when I’m photographing family and group shots, but my methods are discreet and the finished product is always very natural!


Do you offer wedding albums?

Yes, absolutely! I think a physical album is something to treasure as it transports your back to your special day through a physical connection. My wedding albums tell a story of your day and your passion for each other. They are of the finest quality and individually designed by me. Before printing you will be provided a digital proof of the album allowing you to approve the final layout and images.


Do you travel for weddings?

Yes! Yes! and Yes! I'm a wedding photographer in Switzerland at the center of Europe. I have a real love for travel so destination weddings are natural for me. I love the storytelling experience of documenting a wedding that you have chosen to celebrate abroad. You can also often find me in Spain since that’s where my wedding took place and I love the culture, people, food, and scenery in Spain.

Do you shoot in RAW format? and do you post process the photos?

Yes and yes!, this allows for the highest quality photo’s with full flexibility in post production editing in Lightroom and/or Photoshop before the photo’s are delivered to you. My photo editing style is dependent on the wedding itself. If you are a modern bride and groom in a modern location I will capture that to bring out the natural vibrance of the wedding day. If your wedding is of the vintage style with elements of the past in its’ decore and style I will deliver the final photo’s to you in a gallery representative of the theme of your wedding.

Do you use professional equipment? and does it matter?

Yes, and Yes! One advantage of coming into the professional photography space recently is I have the most advanced equipment that delivers stunning quality images in the most difficult situations. To every wedding and photoshoot I bring with me the following: Cameras2 Sony A7III Cameras with a Spider Light V2 Dual Camera System Hip Holster. Lenses: Sony GM 24mm 1.4 / Sony Zeiss 50mm 1.4 / Sony 85mm 1.8 / Sony G Master 24-70mm 2.8 / Sony G 70-300 4.5-5.6 / Zeiss Polarization Filter. Lighting3 Off Camera Speedlights: Godox AD200, Godox AD200 pro, Godox V860IIs / AD-B2 Godox AD-B2 Dual Power Flash Head / Godox dual diffused 60x60 quick setup soft-box / 120cm Octagon Softbox / 80cm Light Reflector. Every lens has it’s purpose whether that’s low light during dancing, sunset portrait photography, closeups of the rings and decorations, or wide angle shots in small spaces. I shoot with the best prime lenses on the market to achieve the best quality and use the Sony G Master 24-70 2.8 as backup security. I carry dual cameras using the Spider Pro V2 Dual Camera System Hip Holster to ensure I don’t need to spend time to switch lenses and it’s also a security as a second camera to always capture every important once in a lifetime moment.


If you feel I may be the right wedding photographer for you, then please get in touch. I will be delighted to provide more information about my photography services.